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Mind Boggling Instru-Metalist SCHIERMANN Releases "Technical Disabilities" Video feat

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Mind Boggling Instru-Metalist SCHIERMANN Releases "Technical Disabilities" Video feat. TESSERACT's Amos Williams

So. Many. Notes.

Instrumental Prog artist, CHRIS SCHIERMANN, is well known among heavyweights in the genre, like Animals As Leaders, Periphery and Tesseract, and has quickly gained attention from fans of these bands as well. So it comes as no surprise his latest video for "Technical Disabilities" off the album, SCHIERMANN, not only features Tesseract bassist Amos Williams, but it's a shredtastic tune that'll mess with your head for days!

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Chris comments on the making of the video:

Technical Disabilities seems to be a track that people gravitate to. When I write music and a song starts to take shape I always imagine particular musicians that would make the track blossom in the direction its taking. Amos Williams from TesseracT came to my mind for bass. I've known Amos since 2010 and we had not worked together prior, so when I reached out to him it all seem to fall into place quite well. I wrote the drums on this piece and it's definitely not for the meek. So I asked my son Zach to learn it for the video if he was up for the challenge and he killed it. Through some business I do I discovered this company ACASS SYSTEMS in Omaha. They are manufactures and innovators of some fantastic product in the music industry, primarily modular LED screens for concert venues and artists that tour. I always thought to myself, this would be an awesome place to shoot a video. A friend of mine Bryant McCain is a videographer and he came up from Texas to do the shoot. I designed a video to air on the LED screen we performed in front of. It is a vision for Technical Disabilities metaphorically. I imagined how our bodies work and what makes our bodies do, feel and respond to things. I directly correlated this to Technical Disabilities as the song title is literal, it's very hard for me to play it. It takes you through our bodies nervous system, cells, blood flow, then to earths elements and transcends to the solar system and universe.
We are all a part of it.

Pick up the killer new album from Chris Schiermann, Schiermann, via his Bandcamp Page now!

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