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If Metallica was Death Metal

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METALLICA's And Justice For All As A Death Metal Album Is Real Good

"The Shortest Straw" is a friggin' rager.

YouTuber Denis Pauna has decided to make the entirety of Metallica's …And Justice For All into a death metal record, and yes – it's heavy as shit. One highlight in particular is the complete overhaul of "One" from an introspective, somber tune into an outright driving rager. Couple that with the slow burn of "The Shortest Straw" and it's easy to see why this rules.

"Here's the whole …And Justice For All album but as if Metallica was a death metal band! This is my longest project so far and I'm so happy it's finally done and available to y'all!" said Pauna of the cover.

"The core of all the songs remained mostly the same as the originals, with subtle changes, but a lot of rhythm parts were re-worked. I wasn't focusing much on the solos. Only 'Blackened' and 'One' have one. My aim was to get the aggressive and heavy rhythm followed up by meaty bass, rich drums and occasional melodies."

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