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Gear Gods

Metal Song with 45 Instruments Is Heavy-As-Fuqq

Youtuber Rob Scallon decided that for his new video, he would utilize every single instrument in his arsenal, 45 in total. He even lists them all out: "Electric drumset, Signature 8 string, Signature 8 string prototype, Stiletto 5 string bass, 2 string bass, 9 string, Chowny bass, Fender P bass, Fretless bass, U-bass, 7 string, Ghost Fret, Omen 8, Tradition guitar, Washburn, Double neck, Electric cello, Fender Strat, Hockey stick, Hotrod Chapman, Shovel, Signature 6 string, Theremin, Sitar , Berimbau, Cowbell, Idiopan, Recorder, 12 string acoustic, Balalaika, Bear Bells, Dean Uke, Guild acoustic (in recording. Borrowed guitar on screen), Harmonica, Harp, Nylon string, Purple cello, Slide whistle, Upright bass, Xylophone, Banjo, Acoustic electric banjo, Guitarlele, Uke small, Uke medium"

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Scallon is the king of inventive videos. Here are some of his previous creations:

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