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METAL GRASSHOPPER #6 "A New Level of Courtesy and Power" with Phil Anselmo & Dave Hill

The final episode!

It's the dramatic conclusion of season one as metal god Philip H. Anselmo and delusional manchild Dave Hill rebuild their relationship before Dave is released back into the wild or at least the end of Phil's driveway. Also, Phil confronts Dave about not giving him the message from King Diamond.

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Starring Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down Superjoint Ritual, The Illegals, Etc.) and comedian Dave Hill with special guest Joey "Blue" Gonzalez, Marzi Montazeri, and Steve Taylor. Directed by Chris Lee with Joe Randazzo. Written by Chris Lee, Dave Hill, and Phil Anselmo. Edited by Phil Costello. Produced by Chris Lee.

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