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 Long Time" Rules

Live Footage

Members Of BARONESS & MUTOID MAN Covering BOSTON's "Foreplay / Long Time" Rules

Another fantastic effort from Two Minutes to Late Night.

Hey look, another killer cover from Two Minutes to Late Night! This time the lineup includes Baroness drummer Nick Jost and bassist Sebastian Thomson, guitarists Stephen Brodsky (Mutoid Man, Cave In, Old Man Gloom) and Gwarsenio Hall / Jordan Olds (Two Minutes to Late Night), keyboardist Emily Lee (Shearwater, Loma, Snake Oil, Droneflower), and vocalist Sarabeth Linden of Tower.


Mopkick Durphys! We got the other two members of Baroness who haven't been on our show (Nick Jost and Sebastian Thomson), Sarabeth Linden of TOWER, and of course Steve Brodsky and Emily Lee to cover Boston's Kill Bill Volume 1+2, "Foreplay / Long Time."

With so many musicians stuck at home with no outlets, we're going to keep producing videos and use the Patreon to give some money to everyone who has a part in them. Please support our friends by donating to our newly redone Patreon at

If you missed it, the Two Minutes to Late Night crew also recently did a great cover of "Crazy Train" by Ozzy!

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Happening this March, for real this time.


Shout out to photographer Smitty Neal.

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