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MEGADETH Stopped Their Show After Security "Bullied" A Fan

"You guys are punks."

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine stopped the band's show midway through "Symphony Of Destruction" after security allegedly bullied a fan. The incident took place on September 27 at the Grossinger Motors Arena in Bloomington, IL.

Mustaine can be seen walking off to the side of the stage to talk with security, which he then addressed on the microphone to the crowd.

"I'm not gonna play anymore until those guys are escorted out of the building, so just hang on a second. That was so fuckin' unnecessary," said Mustaine. "That was so fuckin' unnecessary, you guys.

"You're supposed to make… What's on the back of your shirt? Safety? It should say, 'No Fuckin Safety', because you guys are punks, and you shouldn't have fuckin hit that guy. Four of you on one guy. What a bunch of pussies… Get 'em out of here or I'm leaving. I don't wanna fucking hear that they're in the back. I want them out of here."

The staff was then removed from the show, at which point Mustaine added: "These motherfuckers wrecked my song. Sorry, that stuff just makes me so mad. I hate bullies. I fucking hate bullies."

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