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Friedman Rehearsal

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MEGADETH Posts Rehearsal Footage With MARTY FRIEDMAN

We need more of this reunion to happen.

For the second time this year, Megadeth and former guitarist Marty Friedman reunited on stage. The first time was at the Nippon Budokan venue in Tokyo, Japan and the second was Wacken Open Air 2023. For Wacken, Friedman got on stage to play "Trust", "Tornado Of Souls", and "Symphony Of Destruction" toward the end of the set. You can check out some rehearsal footage of Friedman and Megadeth above, which to the surprise of nobody sounds great.

According to Friedman in an interview with Guitar World earlier this year, the hardest thing about getting back on stage with Megadeth was remembering the solos the way the fans want them to be played.

"If there was any challenge at all, I guess it would be playing the solos the way the fans remember them, which is something I wanted to do," he said. "My playing has evolved so much since those songs came out, and there are so many nuances I would naturally do differently now.

"I had to resist the urge to play it like I would in 2023 and stick to the original way. For example, in a couple of those songs, I entered the solo on the downbeat, with the first note being the root of the chord. I would definitely avoid both of those things now, but apparently, I was fine with it back then."

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