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MARS RED SKY Streams Stop Motion Video For "The Final Round"

More of a proggy kind of stoned.

French heavy psych trio Mars Red Sky is now streaming their single "The Final Round" alongside a stop motion video directed by Carol Teillard d’Eyry. I'm really not sure which is trippier – the song or the video.

"'The Final Round' is one of our most progressive rock songs; it features several distinct parts that fit together and create a long, cinematic piece," said Mars Red Sky guitarist Julien Pras. "It also features Jimmy (bass) on lead vocals, which is quite unusual and makes a nice change of scenery when listening to the complete album.

"The video was shot near a very important place to us, the castle of Monteton – where we composed our last two albums. The video features some very nice stop-motion sequences reminiscent of the Brother Kay’s work or some of the earlier Tool videos. The whole video clip revolves around the lyrics' end-of-the-world topic. It’s the first time we work with the director Carol Teillard D’eyry and we’re very happy with his work."

Mars Red Sky will release their new record Dawn Of The Dusk on December 8. Preorders are available here.

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