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Photo: Christoph Eisenmenger

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MANTAR is Bad at Skating, Good at Music on SONIC YOUTH Cover

From their oddly-named grunge covers album Grungetown Hooligans II.

Mantar set out to prove two things with their cover of Sonic Youth's "100%." That they could do a damn good cover of the track and that they suck at skateboarding. Which is fine, because I'm all about the former with Mantar anyway.

Here's what vocalist and guitarist Hanno Klänhardt had to say about the cover.

"'100%' was the first song I´ve ever heard from Sonic Youth. Probably on some old mixtape I got from Erinc (drums). The song just rocks, is short and spot on. Perfect Rock ‘n Roll. It still gives me the chills and was the perfect gateway drug for all the wonderful music this exceptional band had to offer. Obviously our video is a homage to the original video and therefore a big bonus for us skateboard pros."

Mantar will release their grunge covers album Grungetown Hooligans II on June 26. Pre-orders are available here. To the best of my knowledge, there is no Grungetown Hooligans I.

The tracklist for Grungetown Hooligans II is as follows.

1. The Bomb (L7)
2. Puss (The Jesus Lizard)
3. 100% (Sonic Youth)
4. Ghost Highway (Mazzy Star)
5. Can I Run (L7)
6. Bruise Violet (Babes in Toyland)
7. Who You Drivin' Now (Mudhoney)
8. Knot (7 Year Bitch)

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