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M:40 Rips Through Riffs On New Song "In I Labyrinten"

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M:40 Rips Through Riffs On New Song "In I Labyrinten"

FFO: Tragedy, Wolfbrigade, Disfear, and Martyrdod.

M:40 is back after a seven year wait with a brand new record titled Arvsynd. The record is out on September 28, and the band says it's easily their most brutal effort to date. Pre-order the album here.

”This is our darkest and most brutal recording yet. Musically, Arvsynd, is a natural continuation from earlier records: Heaviness combined with d-beat madness, desperate outbursts and controlled eerie darkness. We haven’t changed our weapons, but time has sharpened the knives.”

We're premiering their new song "In I Labyrinten", which if you're a fan of bands like Tragedy, Wolfbrigade, Disfear and Martyrdod, you'll dig this big time. Here's what M:40 had to say about the track.

“The lyrics are about the political turn Sweden and the world has taken in recent years. The title Arvsynd (heretic sin) refers to the sin we inherited from earlier generations, and the dying planet filled with fascism and egoism we leave to our children. The bomb has fallen. War is already upon us.”

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