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LUDOVICO TECHNIQUE "Burn Everything" Down With New Single

Dark electronic band Ludovico Technique is all of your gothic dreams come true. Drawing inspiration from classics in the industrial field such as Skinny Puppy as well as contemporary rock and metal ala Rammstein, Ludovico Technique is one of those defining bands that is un-definable.

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The latest single "Burn Everything" opens with furious (borderline blackened) vocals from Ben V. – the mastermind behind Ludovico Technique – layered over a deceptively fun beat. So, basically, you get to burn everything down and have a damn good time doing it. The thing that sets "Burn Everything" apart from the previous releases is the level of rage. "I try to hold on As everything is slipping away, But I'd rather see it burn than see it like this one more day." – Never shying away from the decent into the darker parts of the human mind, Ludovico Technique has given us an anthem for those that are just done.

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