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LINKIN PARK Launches 100 GECS Remix of "One Step Closer"

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LINKIN PARK Launches 100 GECS Remix of "One Step Closer"

The first in a series of remixes.

Linkin Park continues to celebrate the anniversary of their 2000 album Hybrid Theory with a series of remixes. The remixes are inspired by their 2002 remix album Reanimation, and you can check out 100 gecs interpretation of "One Step Closer" above.

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"Keeping the #HT20 celebration going into 2021 will be a series of new reanimated tracks," said the band of the remix. "Part of the spirit of Reanimation was to take the Hybrid Theory songs that people knew so well, and let innovative artists flip them in ways nobody expected."

You can also grab the anniversary copy of Hybrid Theory here.

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"I mean, they just basically erased us from the map and they're trying to change their story now."