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Ligature Marks Fell For Fiction Seance Table

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LIGATURE MARKS Release Spooky Music Video for “Fell For Fiction”

Ligature Marks gives us a spooky treat with their new single, “Fell For Fiction”, from their upcoming album due out later in 2020.

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The “Fell For Fiction” video is a haunting and beautiful trip through the supernatural. Opening with the characters seated table-side, conducting a séance, the video progresses through the search for a lost loved one, opening the door for all manner of specters and apparitions.  

Ligature Marks guitarist, Karl Whinnery, once again plays double duty, directing their fifth music video; quickly becoming an up and coming video director in the Pacific Northwest music scene. 

Ligature Marks debut album, Set Oceans On Fire, earned them incredible popularity in the Pacific Northwest; with them being specifically chosen to perform with bands such as: Gojira, Soulfly, Unearth and Skinlab. The album, performances, and their unique approach to their videos, including interesting release parties in haunted vintage theaters and a state of the art planetarium, have continued to push the band forward in 2020.

Ligature Marks consists of: Benjamin Charles (SYX, Twenty Shades of Red), Vocals; Karl Whinnery (Proven, Nova Eyes, Vintersea), Guitar; Kyle Baltus (36 Crazyfists, Falling Closer, SYX), Drums; Dave Keller (SYX, Falling Closer), Bass; Josh Whinnery (Proven, Nova Eyes), Guitar.

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