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LIFELOST Takes Viewers Deep Into the Woods in Their Video For "Sepulchral Vault"

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The sort of swirling void of black metal a project like Lifelost makes is certainly gripping. Bands like France's Deathspell Omega or Iceland's Svartidauði epitomize this murky, depraved sound and as the years pass, more bands continue to feed into this style. As to be expected, some hit the mark and others don't quite hit their stride. For Spain's Lifelost however, the solo endeavor undoubtedly falls into the former. At the helm is Phlegeton and when he's not busy with Wormed and other bands, he operates under this moniker.

He recently released his debut album, Dialogues From Beyond in October and to follow it up created a new video for one of the album's tracks—which Metal Injection is premiering today. "Sepulchral Vault" is one of the many highlights from Lifelost's album and the video to accompany it adds to the overall intrigue of the track. The man behind the project spoke to Metal Injection about the video and his music.

"Two decades working on different styles of music and suddenly I have found an escape route from the conventional," Phlegeton says. "I have seen an opening towards the unknown, where the irrational, the most primary part of the psyche is evoked. Many gloomy emotions are hidden behind these tracks, that are close to an almost cinematic and abrupt surrealism, finding myself comfortable even in the murkiest of paths."

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