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LANCE KING Offers A Catchy Prog Tune "Pointing Fingers"

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LANCE KING Offers A Catchy Prog Tune "Pointing Fingers"

Fans of Dream Theater,

Powerful vocalist, Lance King, is set to release his second solo album, ReProgram, on March 29, 2019 via Nightmare Records and it's a chock full of tasty tunes if you're a fan of prog metal!

Lance King has just release a tune off the album titled "Pointing Fingers" which is rivals some of the genre's greats, and worth your time!

LANCE KING comments:
"Pointing Fingers is about an explosive relationship where love, and emotional abuse have created a dysfunctional cycle that never finds a happy ending for long… the protagonist is waking up to the fact that only he can end it… that his partner either cannot break the cycle because of her own insecurities… or that she actually thrives on the drama like an emotional vampire."

Pre-order the Lance King album, ReProgram, before its release on March 29th!

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