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Kreator Dani Filth

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KREATOR Streams Live Version Of "Betrayer" With DANI FILTH

Their new live album is out now!

Kreator is now streaming their live performance of "Betrayer" from the 2021 edition of Bloodstock. The performance features Cradle Of Filth vocalist Dani Filth, and is from Kreator's brand new (and aptly-named) live album Live At Bloodstock 2021. Grab the LP-only album here, which runs as follows:

  1. "The Patriarch"
  2. "Violent Revolution"
  3. "Extreme Aggression"
  4. "Phobia"
  5. "Satan Is Real"
  6. "Hordes Of Chaos"
  7. "Hail To The Hordes"
  8. "666 World Divided"
  9. "Awakening Of The Gods"
  10. "Enemy Of God"
  11. "Mars Mantra"
  12. "Phantom Antichrist"
  13. "Fallen Brother"
  14. "Flag Of Hate"
  15. "Betrayer"
  16. "Pleasure To Kill"
  17. "Apocalypticon"

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