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Eirik Halvorsen – Kal-El Promo 2021 hires-9

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KAL-EL Launches You Into Space With New Song "Dark Majesty"

Riffs upon riffs and then some.

Norwegian interstellar stoner metal unit, and easily one of my favorite bands in the genre, Kal-El will release their new record Dark Majesty on August 27. We're more than stoked to premiere the title track today, which is straight up eight minutes of hypnotic riffs and melodic atop a rock solid rhythm section. You might also lose yourself in the video, so watch out.

"It's been quite a journey to get to this point. We've listened to the record back, fully mastered; we've seen the artwork come together, now all we want is for the fans to sink their teeth into it. We're proud of this record. This is something we've forged from interstellar witchcraft and it’s ready to collect your souls," said vocalist Captain Ulven.

Pre-orders for Dark Majesty are available here.

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