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"Jump Around" reimagined As An Old-School SLIPKNOT Song Is Vicious


Anthony Vincent is back with a cover of House Of Pain's 1992 track "Jump Around", completely reimagined as if it were from the first two Slipknot records. The result is nothing short of a vicious banger that mirrors those Slipknot classics really, really well. It also helps that the House Of Pain song is from 1992 and has that sorta bouncy hip hop vibe to it that nĂ¼-metal would make heavier in the years to come.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go listen to this for probably the tenth time today. Or at least try to fool someone into thinking they're about to hear an alternate cut of "People=Shit" from the intro.

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"I hadn't finished going through the audio mixes on the songs when the video came out."

Latest News

"I'm very excited about this idea of a new drummer."