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Kaz Rodriguez

Mashups & Covers

JOSH GROBAN's Drummer Hears PRIMUS For The First Time, Nails It On Drums

Kaz Rodriguez, a very talented guy.

Josh Groban drummer Kaz Rodriguez has never heard Primus' "Jerry Was A Racecar Driver", but man did it nail it on drums anyway. One especially funny thing about the video is that Rodriguez actually says he thought the song was "something from South Park" before he knows it's Primus!

But then after a few listens, Rodriguez makes up his own parts and absolutely crushes the whole thing. I mean really, talk about making up a whole new groove that just works. Doubly so during the breakdown – Rodriguez gets his Tim Alexander on big time.

Drumeo has a whole series of these videos, including a recent one where Luke Combs' drummer attempts a Gojira track (and also nails it).

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