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The House Of Masks


JAY WEINBERG Takes A Deep Dive Into SLIPKNOT's Mask History

The House Of Masks has returned.

Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg sat down with Slipknot mask collector AJ Good of The House of Masks for an incredibly extensive dive into the band's history with masks. It's a great interview and a fascinating look at Good's truly impressive collection of masks, which has been reported to be the "largest collection of Slipknot memorabilia in the world."

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Weinberg joined Slipknot in 2014 and has since done three albums with the band. In a recent interview, Weinberg spoke on how Slipknot's live show informs the band's studio material in recent years.

"[The End, So Far in 2022] being my third record with the band, I've definitely learned over the years, after almost 10 years of being in the band, the live show really informs what we do. Which [thinking back] on making [.5:] The Gray Chapter [it's] incredibly ironic that we made an album without even playing a single show together, because so much of what we do is onstage; it informs pretty much everything.

"And that definitely does affect it. I think as you get older, your tastes and inspirations change and evolve, even though what I enjoyed back when I was a kid still, I'm sure, finds its way into my own contributions to our music. It's probably that way for a lot of us.

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