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Weinberg H377


JAY WEINBERG Shares Footage Of SLIPKNOT Workshopping "H377"

Or during the "early creative sessions," as they've called it.

Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg is now streaming a behind-the-scenes look at the band workshopping one of their new songs, "H377." The song comes from Slipknot's latest album The End, So Far available here.

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Weinberg discussed in a recent interview with The Sound Lab how Slipknot's live show has informed their studio work over the years. "This being my third record with the band, I've definitely learned over the years, after almost 10 years of being in the band, the live show really informs what we do," he said.

"Which [thinking back] on making [.5:] The Gray Chapter (2014) [it's] incredibly ironic that we made an album without even playing a single show together, because so much of what we do is onstage; it informs pretty much everything. And that definitely does affect it. I think as you get older, your tastes and inspirations change and evolve, even though what I enjoyed back when I was a kid still, I'm sure, finds its way into my own contributions to our music. It's probably that way for a lot of us."

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