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INGESTED Recruits CROWBAR's Kirk Windstein for New Song "Another Breath"

More like Kirk Slamstein, right?

Ingested's new song "Another Breath" would be great all by itself. Add in some Kirk Windstein (Crowbar, Kingdom of Sorrow) to the mix and it gets taken to a whole new level. Ingested guitarist Sam Yates reveals the seemingly unlikely collaboration all started back when the two bands toured the UK together in 2018.

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"In 2018 we opened a fantastic tour in the UK with Crowbar and they were all such down to earth great dudes," said guitarist Sam Yates. "Super tight, crazy heavy and had the best stories! Kirk and his wife Robin were so genuine and cool and all of Crowbar would hang with us and shoot the shit most nights. I was on public transport in the piss down rain writing lyrics for Where Only Gods May Tread and I wanted the opening of what became 'Another Breath' to be this epic, heavy, sad song by someone who could actually sing. My first instinct, my first choice for this song was Kirk. It was that 'I wonder if…' moment."

Ingested's new album Where Only Gods May Tread is out August 14. Pre-orders are available here.

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