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HOUR OF PENANCE Gets All Pixelated In New Song "Blight And Conquer"

This looks awesome.

Hour Of Penance have teamed up with Harry Sussams for their "Blight And Conquer" music video, and it's clear Sussams has brought every pixel he could find to the party. Seriously, can we get some more pixel art for music videos? This is way too awesome to be a one-off.

“We gave a lot of thought about how to do something different from anything else seen before and show you a unique video clip. Videogames have always been one of our biggest passions alongside music, and titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne and their peculiar imagery and storytelling have been a huge source of inspiration for us: so we’ve decided to come up with a 2D/retro animation created by Harry Sussams, an amazing professional in illustration and pixel art.

We worked hard together on every scene and detail to give life to a cryptic and gruesome narration tied to the themes of wealth and corruption dealt with in the lyrics of Misotheism, with the iconic tower of the artwork making its appearance into the video. Check it out!”

Hour Of Penance's new album Misotheism is out October 25.

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