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HIGH COMMAND 2019 1 [photo by Courtney Brooke]

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HIGH COMMAND's Video For "Merciless Steel" Looks Like An Old VHS

Thrash for the masses.

High Command released their thrash-mad album Beyond the Wall of Desolation in 2019. If you missed it, or you're looking for some skull-splitting riffs alongside a music video that looks like an old VHS, then you need "Merciless Steel" in your life right now. Which is great, because that's what we're premiering today.

Guitarist Ryan McCardle tells us:

We had been planning on doing a big production metal video with swords and the like before the pandemic hit, but then we started going through all the footage we had collected from our first couple tours supporting Beyond the Wall of Desolation and we realized we had all this great video of a time that seems almost alien and long ago considering the current state of affairs. Meticulously edited and directed by visual madman Chris O'Coin, the Merciless Steel video is our ode to a community that was of the utmost importance to us and we hope returns someday soon.

Grab Beyond the Wall of Desolation here via Southern Lord and here via Bandcamp.

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Shout out to our photographer Mihaela Petrescu.