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HEXICON Escapes A Broken Life In New Single "Nastrond"

Taken from their singer's escape from the Moonie Cult.

Hexicon is now streaming their new single "Nastrond" alongside a lo-fi horror music video. The video was filmed in the desert of Joshua Tree and the rocks behind NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Hexicon's hometown of Pasadena, CA, while the song details the escape of a hard life.

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Vocalist Young Heller also mentions the song touches on his own personal experiences of escaping the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, whose followers are known as Moonies after the religion's founder Sun Myung Moon.

"'Nastrond' is a thrash anthem for anyone running away from a broken life," said Heller. "I escaped from my upbringing in the Moonie cult. Relearning how to live in the real world, and digging through trauma became a special kind of Hell for me. A hell I invited; one that changed me forever. 'Nastrond' is about finding your power in the flames you must face."

Check out Hexicon's debut album Leave It All Behind here.

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