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Here's A Great 1989 MTV "Rockumentary" About VAN HALEN with Sammy Hagar, A Reminder of Happier Times

Everybody's laughing and having a great time in 1989.

As my journey down the Van Halen rabbit hole continues in the wake of Eddie Van Halen's tragic passing, I stumbled on this really fun documentary MTV produced in 1989 of the band, knee deep in the successful and happy Van Hagar era, with Sammy Hagar.

It's interesting to see how blissful the band seems with Sammy, and how they're all goofing off and having a good time. It's also notable that the band, mainly Eddie, go out of their way not to mention David Lee Roth's name. Clearly a sore subject for the band, even as they had so much success with this new iteration.

Thankfully, Sammy and Eddie rekindled their friendship before Eddie's passing. We learned earlier today it was comedian George Lopez that actually made the connection between the two.

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