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HEIDEVOLK Brings The Folk Metal With "Klauwen Vooruit"

Heidevolk rides again!

Dutch folk metal unit Heidevolk is back with a brand new single "Klauwen Vooruit" and a new record Wederkeer due out February 24. If you needed a excellent folk metal track to venture out into the cold weather to this weekend, "Klauwen Vooruit" certainly feels like a solid choice.

"'Klauwen Vooruit' (The Hunter's Claw) brings you the story about the extraordinary pact between Wolf and Raven. A bond between predator and scavenger where ravens alert wolves to nearby prey. The wolves respond to the raven's call, kill the prey, eat their share and leave the carcass for the ravens to feast on… And there is more coming up, a lot more!"

Pre-order Wederkeer here.

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