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Heavy Metal Exorcism: YouTuber Turns Televangelist's Ritual Into Headbanging Anthem

He's possessed by Thor. Yes, we're serious.

Is Hellfire about to get a heavy-metal soundtrack? YouTuber Andre Antunes, known for transforming viral moments into headbanging anthems (and with a following of 870K subscribers) has used an unlikely source for his latest creation: an exorcism performed by controversial televangelist Bob Larson, allegedly exorcising a demon called "Thor".

The video, titled "Exorcism Goes Metal," sees Antunes weaving Larson's dramatic pronouncements ("Out, demon, in the name of Jesus!") with shredding guitars, pummeling drums, and guttural vocals reminiscent of black metal. The possessed individual, identified only as "John," even earns praise for his unintentionally metal-esque growls.

"Man, metal vocalists have a hard time getting paying gigs in the Bible Belt," quips one commenter, highlighting the absurdity of the situation. Other lauds "That was a perfect growl right there. This guy needs a record deal NOW".

Larson, self-proclaimed "The Real Exorcist," has long demonized rock music, labeling it as "evil and satanic" and attributing its rhythms to demonic manipulation, and "a dark world of occultism, drugs, and perverted sex." Antunes's metal reinterpretation could be seen as a playful subversion of Larson's views, turning his words into an unlikely tribute to the very genre he condemns.

Of course, some may find the video disrespectful towards religious beliefs. But Antunes has a history of transforming controversial material – from his washing machine end-of-cycle melody to a televangelist's COVID-19 "judgment" sermon – into humorous, unexpected heavy metal tunes. Whether you see it as irreverent satire or simply creative reimagining, "Exorcism Goes Metal" is sure to spark conversation and a myriad of reactions.

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