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Have Your First "Necrosexual Encounter" With NECROSEXUAL

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Everyone's favorite necrosexual, aptly named Necrosexual, recently released his debut album GRIM-1. Just in case you needed additional confirmation for the record's over-the-top-ness, Necrosexual just dropped his music video for the song "Necrosexual Encounter." It's a little hair metal, a little black metal and a lot of fun.

Here's what Necrosexual had to say.

PREPARE 2 DIE. The Most Electrifying Band In Corpse Entertainment is comin' for YOU with a "Necrosexual Encounter" you will never, ever forget.

This music video from our GRIM-1 album is only the beginning of the carnage to cum in 2019. I will also unleash a new EP in the spring, titled The Gory Hole Overture in F#.

Special thanks to Smutmaster General Chris Koontz for being director of photography, Kate and Ben from Evil Sword for transforming their living room into the Necrosexual's Lair, and my producer Liam Mcglynn.

Lastly, hails to my music video co-stars: the mat wrestling machine Tim Donst for tangling with the Grim One during our fight scene, Josh and Luke from Basilysk for the gang vokills, Dottie Riot for bringing that ginger (black) magic, and my Necrosexual bandmates, Anthony Vigo Gabriele on guitar, and Mike Churry on drums.

This is definitely not a phase I'm going through, dad! See you in your nightmares.

– The Necrosexual

Buy GRIM-1 here.

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