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GWAR & MUTOID MAN Members Offer ELTON JOHN Parody “Stab Into Christmas”

Two Minutes To Late Night has released what is likely the last in their ongoing Bedroom Cover series for 2020, and it's the first time they have actually tackled doing a parody instead of a straight cover. “Stab Into Christmas” is a parody of Elton John’s 1974 song, “Step Into Christmas.”

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The lineup for this video includes:

  • Blöthar the Berserker (GWAR)
  • Balsac (The Jaws of Death) (GWAR)
  • Pustulus Maximus (GWAR)
  • Stephen Brodsky (Mutoid Man, Cave In, Old Man Gloom, New Idea Society)
  • Ben Koller (Mutoid Man, Converge, All Pigs Must Die, Killer Be Killed)
  • Kyle Kinane as “Subpoenis Maximus”

Watch more of their cover series here.

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