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Kids In Metal

GUNS N' ROSES "Sweet Child O Mine" Used In Disturbing Anti-Speeding Ad

It's got the word "child" in it, so yeah. They nailed it.

The DOE of Northern Ireland uses "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses in their new PSA about road safety. It's a folk cover of the song, which I guess fits to an extent. "Sweet Child o Mine" a love song about Axl Rose's girlfriend at the time, so I guess we can stretch this here and say "oh they're using it as a metaphor of caring about someone!" Which is a lie. They used the song because it was "child" in it and there are children in the video.

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I say we just throw in "Pull the Plug" by Death next time for drunk driving videos. Let's scare people in being responsible.

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