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Autopsy 2022
Photo by Nancy Reifert

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Get Hacked To Pieces With AUTOPSY's New Single "Knife Slice Axe Chop"

A real blood and guts fest.

Autopsy is back with the second single from their upcoming record Morbidity Triumphant and it's disgusting. Autopsy is now streaming "Knife Slice Axe Chop" alongside a video directed by Cam Schwarz, Phil Pattison, Carlos Henriques that you might not want to skip if you're at work.

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"Ever headbanged and barfed at the same time? Check out the video for our new song 'Knife Slice, Axe Chop' and see how it feels. Our buddy Cam and his crew of lunatics at Rabidog have given us the blood 'n guts fest that we've always wanted and we can't wait for you, our beloved Autopsy freaks to shove this nightmare into your eyes and ears. Tell yer pals!"

Morbidity Triumphant was recorded at Opus Studios with longtime engineer Adam Munoz at the helm, and was mastered by Ken Lee. The cover art was created by the talented Wes Benscoter (SlayerBloodbath), and pre-orders are available here.

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