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Get Ghostly With ABNORMALITY's "Cymatic Hallucinations" Video

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Get Ghostly With ABNORMALITY's "Cymatic Hallucinations" Video

Apparitions and ghostly atmospheres galore!

Abnormality is currently out on the road with Napalm Death and The Black Dahlia Murder, and continue to keep their name in the news with the video for "Cymatic Hallucinations." The video is really well done, with its ghostly appearance and general creepiness.

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Drummer Jay Blaisdell seems pretty stoked on the effort as well (as he should be)!

“We’re excited to release our new music video for ‘Cymatic Hallucinations.’ Again we teamed up with Red 13 Media who delivered our previous video ‘Mechanisms of Omniscience.’ Overall, the song is about applying the concept of cymatics (the effects of sound & vibrational frequency on matter), to tripping hard on shrooms. Basically it’s describing the trip of all trips.

A hallucinogenic experience so intense that the auditory hallucinations experienced actually cause a cymatic alteration to the person’s physical reality and existence, or even everyone’s physical reality and existence. It’s a pretty fucked up scenario. I personally have had really intense trips with both visual and auditory hallucinations.

The sounds hallucinated are always indistinguishable from the real vibrational sounds. The whole concept has always intrigued me.”

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