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Get Crushed By ENDSEEKER's New Song "Mount Carcass"

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Get Crushed By ENDSEEKER's New Song "Mount Carcass"

Very Dismember-ish.

Endseeker just released their new album Mount Carcass, and you really need to hear it. Start right here with the title track and then go let the entire album rip your head off. You'll especially dig it if you're a fan of bands like Dismember and the modern Boss HM-2-influenced scene.

"The title – and the lyrics of the song it's drawn from – is a metaphor for our modern society, using the image of the ascent of Mount Everest," said the band. "We're living in a crazy world driven by the hunt for money, success and recognition, lead by elected madmen. It's a time of political change and global challenges full of uncertainty, and a constant threat to our comfort zones."

Order a copy of Mount Carcass here.

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