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German Dark Metal Band NACHTBLUT Goes Folk On New Single "Leierkinder"

Nachblut is no stranger to pulling inspiration from other genres, often drawing from black, gothic, doom, symphonic and now folk metal, and creating a sound their own. Beginning with an infectious melody, "Leierkinder (Children of the Lyre)" carries us into a delicate imbalance of beautiful and dark. Lyrically, the song refers to a fictional village reigned by a god who dictates the citizen’s state of knowledge.  The more up-beat tune, paired with the gloomy lyrics and just a sprinkling of black metal in the vocals from Askeroth, create a contrasting ambiance that makes us a little uncomfortable with our happiness.

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Nachtblut commented on their new single: “We are more than proud to present our new song "Leierkinder," the catchy melody and chorus features a driving force, that will cause a lot of energy in front and on stage. But there is more than just a happy melody, as the lyrics come with a deeper meaning. It’s about how you define happiness referred to your personal surroundings and experience. Another issue concerns our understanding of satisfaction and our perception of things, which is also controlled by significant outside influences.  Maybe you will take a pause and think about this… or not, but “jeder muss nach dem Liede tanzen, das gerade auf der Walze steht” (engl.: “everyone needs to dance to the tune on the roller”)."

Leierkinder is the 2nd single from Nachblut's upcoming full length album, Vanitas, out October 2nd. Vanitas, draws the listener into the band’s genre-bending rabbit hole that is distinctively Nachblut: hard riffs, Askeroth’s incisive vocals, rousing melodies and profound, candid lyrics. You can pre-order the album HERE.

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