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Gaahl of GAAHLS WYRD On His Evolving Career, The Three Biggest Changes In His Life, And Much More

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Gaahl Opens Up on Being Gay In The Black Metal Scene, New GAAHLS WYRD Album, His Evolving Career, & The Three Biggest Changes In His Life

A story concerning a text from Faust when he came out, and his paranoia of working with others.

Frank sits down with legendary vocalist, Gaahl, to discuss his new band Gaahls Wyrd, the meaning of the name, working with his bandmates, where it fits in his career, feelings towards artwork, the truth about being gay in the Norwegian black metal scene, what he's learned in his lifetime, and much more!

When asked if anybody has ever come out to Gaahl, as a result of Gaahl's coming out, Gaahl's response was "Quite a lot actually." He continued "I've had several people, especially in eastern Europe. It's been a lot of people coming up to me and it is something as simple as that, by all means, be yourself. And if I could make it easier for people… it's frustrating that it has to be some one pushing it forth. It's so extremely limiting, in the sense of 'why would anyone care?' But it's more frustrating for me to see that people actually have to have some one tell them that it's okay. I would like it be more relaxed. But I can see how hard it is. It's a pity to see that they have to have some one like me pushing them forth."

He continued "I don't think the metal community is that harsh on it. I think it's a general idea. In the metal community, especially in the black metal community, people wouldn't care. It's just people create fictions. The world has its own ideas. But, within metal, I think the metal community is one of the most open communities there is. I have never seen any disturbances there. Of course, they are linking things back to the early days with Dissection and Faust and Emperor. The first person to send me a message after the media caught up with me being gay, was Faust. He sent me a message of support. So people can imagine whatever they want, I don't know anyone in the Norwegian black metal scene that is against gays. It's an extremely liberal scene. So anyone that pretends or try to make it something else, it's not going to work. Because it's never been that."

It should be noted that Faust went to jail for randomly killing a gay man, stabbing him dozens of times in the early 90s. He served nine years on a fourteen year sentence.

Pick up the new album, Gastir- Ghosts Invited by Gaahls Wyrd, out digitally now and on physical release this Friday from Season Of Mist.

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