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FRACTAL UNIVERSE "Sons of Ignorance" Is The Tech-Death Fix You Need Today!

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FRACTAL UNIVERSE "Sons of Ignorance" Is The Tech-Death Fix You Need Today!

In my opinion, France has been the forefront of forward thinking metal in the past decade, and Fractal Universe is no exception! The debut LP from these technical masterminds, Engram Of Decline, will drop on April 14th via Kolony Records, and it's one hell of a ride!

Head on over to the Fractal Universe website for updates on where to purchase now! Here's a quote from the band on the video:

Directed by Vincent Tournaud, the video was born with the aim to illustrate the birth of consciousness with the use of two distinct scenes. Thus, the song revolves around the key moment when human starts to consciously perceive the surrounding world.

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