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FOSCOR Premieres Enchanting New Track With A Video For "Cançó de Mort"

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FOSCOR Premieres Enchanting New Track, "Cançó de Mort"

These Catalan-based princes of moody ambient metal is an act I've spoken about many times before, and with the release of Els Sepulcres Blancs on the way, Foscor are here to make you fall in love with music all over again.

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Today, I'm excited to premiere the band's latest track and video for "Cançó de Mort", a single off the new album that embodies the romanticism found through out their catalog. You can pre-order the album now before its release on September 6th via Season of Mist.

Vocalist Fiar provides us some insight into the song itself:

“'Cançó de Mort' translates as 'Death's Song,' a sort of lullaby previous to entering into the world of dreams. A farewell tune when our own weaknesses and threats around become stronger enough for defeating us.

“It speaks about the death of our hopes, and those life-changing moments that can definitely break us or push into a better existence. We are wanderers in a social world that drowns our ideals, for which the struggle is mandatory on a personal and collective level. A free dialogue with our dreams and expectations become the initial step for reaching a new balance.

“The song probably shows the most contemplative side of our music as well as the fury of whom decides to take a step ahead despite not knowing what will be found. A ritual of self-consciousness, which must define our real being, while using the strength of our ideals.

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“We feel so privileged and glad to have sG collaborating on vocals. As the Modernisme claimed at the end of XIX century, art might play a significant role on finding a new balance between the spiritual and physical life, as important and wide as the dream land is. sG is one of a kind when it comes to going forward, as his creative work with his bands and design creations have proved. Besides offering a sensitive vocal performance in Catalan in this new single, he is a pioneer on reinterpreting old lessons with a present view, representing the spirit of the album concept within himself. Truly an honor, and a priceless chance for sharing our common passion, forevermore engraved in this song.

The video describes that personal journey as well as how we deal with our possible emotional death. Nature, where we belong, has the final word in an almost definitely broken social world.”

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