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FALLING IN REVERSE's New Video Drops Laptops On A SEBASTIAN BACH Lookalike

The ol' laptop feud, reignited.

Falling In Reverse cancelled a show back in October because their laptops didn't make it to the venue. At the time, stated "as a band in 2022, you need your laptops, you know? It's like driving a car without an engine."

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The cancellation and reasoning behind it prompted criticism from radio personality Eddie Trunk and vocalist Sebastian Bach, resulting in a fairly lengthy online war of words. Trunk said at the time that "if you need a laptop to perform, YOU'RE NOT A BAND!!!," while Bach jumped in later after Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke accused Trunk of using backing tracks live when introducing Sebastian Bach.

The feud ended and everyone moved on… except Falling In Reverse, it seems. In the video for their new single "Watch The World Burn," there's a bit around the 2-minute mark that has a dude who looks a lot like Bach getting hit with what looks like a blizzard of laptops. It's never explicitly stated that that's what happening, but given the October feud… I mean, come on.

The video for "Watch The World Burn" was directed by Jensen Noen and the single is available here.

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