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Fall of Stasis

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FALL OF STASIS Brings Blackened Orchestral Metal On "The Chronophagist"

With a guest spot from ex-Karkaos vocalist Viky Boyer.

Fall Of Stasis is now streaming the video for their blackened, orchestral single "The Chronophagist." The single gets an added vocal lift for ex-Karkaos vocalist Viky Boyer and is from the band's 2022 album The Chronophagist. The video was produced and edited by François Bertrand, and it's beautiful.

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"If you could control time like the Chronophagist, would you remain in the boreal sunlight, or rather dwell in the shady corners of a medieval church?" said the band. "This new clip sure makes a strong case for both scenarios with its enticing and crisp wintry visuals that look nothing like a Quebec suburb.

"Once again, we'd like to stress that this François Bertrand-directed video was most definitely NOT shot in a suburb, but rather in a far-away chapel surrounded by wilting flora, dying to soak in a few last sunrays before the unforgiving winter darkness.

"This new Fall of Stasis release is a refreshing statement of the band's musical range and audacity, which shall prove that their sucker-punch kind of ascension to the local metal scene is more than well-deserved and that they are so much more than a one-trick, cultist pony."

Get The Chronophagist here.

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