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Eyes Of Perdition

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EYES OF PERDITION Throws Down With New Single "Dealing Death"

It's gonna truly kick your ass.

Eyes Of Perdition is now streaming their crushing new single "Dealing Death" alongside a music video directed by Matti Way (Abominable Putridity, Disgorge, Pathology). As for the song, it'll kick your ass right into next week where you'll then receive an incredible, additional beating. It's a good one.

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"When it came time for Eyes Of Perdition to conceptualize a video for the single, I couldn't think of a better director to work with on this," said vocalist Lindsay O. "Matti wanted to create an atmosphere of 'haunting' to accompany the song. The ghost in the film has been waiting hundreds of years for a train that will never come. It creates a tension and a sense of desperation that certainly underscores the intensity of the song."

Eyes Of Perdition released their new EP Incendiary Truths in late 2021. Check that out here.

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