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EXHUMED Dig Up Some Bodies In Its "Night Work" Music Video

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Exhumed's coming album Death Revenge is a tale of grave robbery and extremely questionable black market activities in 1820's Scotland. The band's new music video "Night Work" very accurately, if not slightly comically, details that story. Oh, and the intro bit also reminds me of Slayer's "Raining Blood," which is only a good thing.

"We are extremely stoked to present this cinematic clip that brings you deep into the world of the Death Revenge storyline. Director Jeff Sisson really outdid himself capturing the vibe and violence of the record and the concept, and this is the first video we’ve done that really fulfills the horror-movie vision we’ve always wanted to capture with our music. Spoiler alert: it’s a tale of grave-robbery, murder and madness, so sit back, turn off the lights, lock your doors and get ready to undertake some night work with us."

Death Revenge is out October 13, and you can pre-order that here.

Posted by on September 27, 2017 at 1:32 pm

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