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EVILE Recruits Comedian Brian Posehn For New Song "Gore"

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EVILE Recruits Comedian Brian Posehn For New Song "Gore"

“Turn it up LOUD, and enjoy ‘Gore’!”

Evile is back with a killer new song called "Gore" and an equally excellent guest appearance from metal comedian Brian Posehn. The new album is their first with guitarist Oliver "Ol Drake" Drake on vocals, and their first with guitarist Adam Smith as well. The new Evile record is the band's first not to feature vocalist Matt Drake, who left the band in 2020.

“Here it is! The second new Evile single from the upcoming album Hell Unleashed. This is a song about a topic that no other metal band has ever covered before; a serial killer. This song harkens back more to the first Evile album; it could easily be a track from our beginnings. It’s heavy, it’s fast, it has some great changes, and it will punch you in the face sonically. The overall message of this song/video is that these horrible individuals are hidden in plain sight. They could be our friends, family, or colleagues.

“We’re also excited to welcome back the extremely hilarious and extremely metal comedian Brian Posehn. He was kind enough to provide us with some backing vocals in the chorus. Luckily, we only needed the one-word shouting, so we got a great collection of Posehn ‘Gore’s to sift through. Thank you, Brian!

“Turn it up LOUD, and enjoy ‘Gore’!”

Hell Unleashed is out April 30 and pre-orders are available here.

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