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EVANESCENCE Releases Killer Music Video For FLEETWOOD MAC Cover

It's "The Chain."

Evanescence recently rolled out their killer cover of Fleetwood Mac's 1977 track "The Chain" for the new Gears 5 game. The cover stands just fine on its own as a cover, but the music video directed by P.R. Brown takes it to a whole new level. Vocalist Amy Lee said she's a big fan of the song's lyrics and message.

"The lyrics make me feel the power of standing together against great forces trying to pull us apart, perhaps even from the inside. I really wanted to drive that home in our version."

P.R. Brown discussed the music video a little bit as well.

"The goal of the video is to show the bond of this band as they deliver a powerful take on a classic song. The tie in with Gears 5 presented an opportunity to combine the game world together with the band performance in a post-apocalyptic setting. The band emerges from the ashes to come together. We wanted to bring these worlds together and feel both the force of the band and the game."

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