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ERRA Streams Heavy New Single "Cure", Announces New Album

Cure, the album, is out in April.

Erra – the proggy metalcore band that always seems to be putting out new music – back with a new single "Cure" and a new record of the same name due out April 5. And if this single is any indication, it's gonna be a real crunchy one.

"'Cure' was one of the last songs we wrote for the records," said Erra guitarist and vocalist Jesse Cash. "I had this groove riff that I was just so obsessed with, to the point that I wanted to stay with it for the full duration of the song. So even though the song stays in 4/4 for the most part, we're always staying locked into this dotted sequence of on rhythm guitars and kick, making the rhythm feel complex yet easy to latch onto as a listener.

"In the final breakdown section, we stay with this dotted sequence, but switch the time signature to 6/8 for a few bars, before reverting back to 4/4 to close out the song. These playful tinkerings with time signature serve as a suitable introduction to the approach we took with grooves throughout the whole record."

Pre-orders for Cure are available here.

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