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ENTHEOS On Life Changes, Going Viral On Social Media, Podcasting & More

Plus their session work and new podcast!

Frank Godla sits down with Entheos' Navene Koperweis and Chaney Crabb to discuss the couples' life changes in the last few years, and how its played a role in the new music, their social media feeds and how going viral has changed their fanbase, their practice routines and morphing into a two piece band, and Navene's session work and how it enhances his playing and writing as well as his origins to starting in music.

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Chaney also touches on her start in music and how she's grown over the years, her accident which inspired the lyrics of the new album and the feelings behind them, their efforts with the KoperCrabb podcast and so much more!

00:00 – Greetings and moving to Nashville
03:00 – How their life changes played a roll in the new album
06:35 – Their social media and the community it builds
09:06 – How going viral has changed their lives
11:44 – Their practice routine and what they have learned
14:12 – How the band morphed into a two piece and the experience
17:57 – How Navene's session work enhanced his playing and writing
20:58 – Chaney's growth with her vocals over the years
22:50 – Navene's childhood, his father, and how he got started playing
27:33 – How Chaney decided to be a death metal vocalist
29:41 – Chaney's accident and how it shaped her feelings toward life
33:26 – The origin story of the KoperCrabb podcast
38:43 – What their commitment to the podcast has taught them

Pick up the new Entheos album, Time Will Take Us All, available tomorrow!

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