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Enjoy The Two Minutes To Late Night Roast Of Psycho Las Vegas 2019

It was at the festival too.

Hey, remember the entire episode of Two Minutes To Late Night at Psycho Las Vegas 2019 we posted recently? Well here's three more minutes! According to Gwarsenio Hall himself, the bit was supposed to actually show him walking around in the crowd, but they couldn't do it for legal reasons. So just use your imagination.

We ran into several legal problems while filming our Psycho Vegas episode. Originally this bit was supposed to be a handheld camera following Gwarsenio through the audience but we found out 10 minutes before set time that we weren't allowed to do that. We're still proud of how it turned out so we are releasing it as a deleted scene even tho you can't see shit. We hope you guys enjoy it anyway. fuck the police.

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