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Dude Learns How To Play Guitar Again After Losing Both Arms & Legs

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Dude Learns How To Play Guitar Again After Losing Both Arms & Legs

Piano and guitar!

Ripu Bhatia is a 22 year-old journalism student from Auckland, New Zealand, who unfortunately lost all four of his limbs to blood poisoning, though he'll be absolutely damned if that stops him from playing guitar. Bhatia, determined to continue with his musicality, found a way to play once more, which is just flat out inspiring.

“When I initially developed a technique which would allow me to play guitar again, it was more about simply proving to myself that I could do it rather impressing anyone or playing well.

“The satisfaction was instant, and I was really comforted by the fact that despite my situation I was still able to do many things no matter how impossible they initially might have seemed. Over the last few years I grew more confident in my ability and would perform more regularly.

“I gravitated towards blues music, which helped me develop my own style of playing. I enjoyed creating unique arrangement to songs as well as composing music.”

Maybe he can start a band with this dude with no hands who rocked out to Sepultura.

Here's additional footage of his playing, because you just need to see it. If this isn't in the vein of some heavy metal perseverance, then I'm not sure what is.

Slow jams

A video posted by Ripu Bhatia (@ripubhatia) on

Sweet child o mine

A video posted by Ripu Bhatia (@ripubhatia) on

[via MetalSucks]

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