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Drummer Plays Every IRON MAIDEN Song In One Massive Medley

All 160 songs, played perfectly.

Drummer and YouTuber David Winter has just released his 36-minute drum medley of every single Iron Maiden song featured on a studio album (Winter adds in the description "Original UK album releases. Not including alternate international releases, re-releases, bonuses, B-sides or demos").

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Winter points out that the medley took him about seven years to complete, and impressive doesn't even begin to describe the amount of work that went into this. That same sentiment also goes for how well plays this is. I mean seriously, this is nuts!

"This is my tribute and thank you to Iron Maiden, and Nicko McBrain," said Winter. "This is the biggest, best, and most important project I have ever put together. It's highly unlikely I'll ever do anything better, and definitely will not do anything be more important.

"I have worshipped Iron Maiden for as long as I can remember. Nicko has shaped my playing more than any other drummer. He's been my hero behind the kit since I first watched Flight 666 at the age of 9. I remember being blown away by everything that I was seeing and hearing.

"I can safely say there is no drummer out there that Nicko has inspired or influenced more than me. I playing changed forever the day I started jamming to Iron Maiden songs on my kit, and so proud and happy to have such a big influence in my playing.

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"I've had this idea in my head for more than 7 years. I've pieced this medley together 3 times over. Without exaggeration, I have easily put at least 1,000 hours into this project. Countless hours of pre-planning, production, recording and editing has gone into this.

"Having finally published it, there's a huge relief off my shoulders. I've feared that someone would beat me to doing a project like this, but after 7 years since I had the idea, it seems no one in the world is quite as stupid as I am!

"If Nicko McBrain himself sees this video, and gives it a 'not too shabby!' then it will all have been worth it.


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