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DREAMARCHER Reveal A Catchy New Blackened Prog Single "A Fail Of Design"

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DREAMARCHER Reveal A Captivating New Prog Single "A Fail Of Design"

It's captivatingly gooood!

DREAMARCHER, the Blackened-Prog band hailing from Norway, have announced the release of a killer new album, The Bond, on September 27th. As they work their way towards the release, we are hyped over what we've heard thus far, which includes this brand new video we're stoked to present today.

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The track "A Fail Of Design" is a prime example of the band's intriguing sound that dances between the lines of ambiance, prog, and an all around captivating song you can't help but repeat.

Order your copy of The Bond, available everywhere on September 27th via Indie Recordings, and keep up with the band via their Facebook page.

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